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Hot Cranberry/Apple Drink

cranappleI’m not sure what to call this…  Some people use apple cider, I used unsweetened apple juice for it.  I didn’t really use measurements, I just did a lot of taste testing until I got it the way I liked it.  I like a heavier clove taste so just cut it in half or so if you don’t.  If you find it too sweet, just add more water.


  • About 3/4 large container of Diet Cranberry juice
  • About 1/2 large container of unsweetened apple juice
  • About 1.5 – 2 tbsp. cinnamon
  • About a tsp. of ginger
  • About 15 to 25 whole cloves
  • About a tbsp. each of nutmeg and allspice
  • A half bag of cranberries


Put everything in the slow cooker, set it on high and let it heat up a while.   After, keep it on warm or low for hours and enjoy.

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