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Fish Chowder

My cousin Tommy used to make amazing fish chowder.  Back in those days, it was usually made with the fish that he actually caught (often Walleye).  I haven’t been fishing since I was a teen so I won’t be making it with fresh fish anytime soon.   Today I used frozen fish (Haddock works well, Alaskan Pollock, and I tried it today with Tilapia).  Tommy died a few years ago, so I got the recipe from my cousin Tim since he also has made it in the same manner as Tommy.   So here it is (roughly).  It makes a big pot so judge accordingly if you want to make a half batch etc.  The trick to getting the creaminess is soaking a couple of tubes of soda biscuits in condensed milk.  Don’t try to cut corners and use regular milk – it will not produce the same texture, it’ll be watery and nowhere near as good.


  • 2 medium onions
  • 5 lbs of raw diced potatoes (about 3/4″ cubes)
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • About 2 lbs of whatever fish you want to use, cut in 1″ pieces
  • 2 cans condensed (unsweetened) milk – you can use 3 if you want it milkier
  • 2 tubes of soda biscuits (I used salted)
  • About a litre of water
  • A little oil.


In a large bowl, dump the contents of soda biscuit tubes and cover with the condensed milk.  Set aside.

In a large stock pot, sautée the onions in the oil.  When they’re translucent, add potatoes and enough water to cover them by about an inch.  Boil potatoes until they’re almost cooked (about 20 min.).  Add fish and salt and boil until cooked (about 5 min.).  Carefully add condensed milk and soda biscuits to the stock pot and heat for 5 min. on low heat (you don’t want to scorch it!).  Serve hot.  I like to garnish with bacon bits but it’s not necessary.