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Information At Last

I had a phone conversation with the owner of Regionex. He was very nice and was sorry to hear about my cat dying. He had never heard of
a cat dying from boric acid before but after talking about the nature of cats being clean and grooming themselves often, the powder on
my balcony floor, he could understand why I would link her death to it. He also mentioned the possibility of her being stung since the
wasps (or bees whichever) would have been in an agitated state and her possibly having an allergic reaction to the venom in the sting.
Although technically plausible, I'm not convinced that is likely given the fact that there was a substantial amount of white powder
on my balcony and Markie used to lie there a lot.

I had told him that I was wanting all exterminators to warn clients about the dangers posed to pets when they apply these products. I
told him about me not even thinking of the pesticides when I had let my cat out and that things might have been different had I been
reminded that morning that there was a danger. I also said that it could save some of his clients some grief, he understood that.

I let him know that I planned on reporting this incident to the manufacturer of the product. He encouraged me to do so since there is
nothing on the label that indicates a danger to them, it does however say to keep out of reach of children. Since a cat is smaller than
a child, why is it not there? He told me that he would let his contact at the supplier know about it as well. When I contacted Nugro and
the woman told me that it said to keep out of reach of children, I pointed out to her that typically pets are smaller than children and
there should be something there about it. I reported the incident with them, now I will be sending the report off to Health Canada this
evening and after that, M.A.P.A.Q. I imagine M.A.P.A.Q. will be the hardest part. Trying to get them to make it mandatory for
exterminators to provide written warnings about the pesticides they're using will probably be the most difficult part of all this.

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