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Regionex And Unanswered Email

I emailed Regionex September 12th and suggested they tell their customers of the dangers Boradust (the name of boric acid that was used
to kill the bees nest) poses to pets and told them what had happened to Markie. I sent another email asking them for the name of the
manufacturer of Boradust and contact information for them. I hadn't received a reply by yesterday (the 23rd) so I sent them another
asking them to acknowledge receipt of it and again asking for the contact information. I'm still waiting…

I need the manufacturer's information to tell them about Markie's death and would like to tell them about it before sending the
report to Health Canada's P.M.R.A. Health Canada asks if it's been reported to the manufacturer because when it is, the
manufacturer is required to report it to Health Canada. I want to make sure they do so. So, I haven't stopped following up on
things, I've just been waiting. If I hear nothing by Monday, I'll be calling Regionex and asking them what's going on. As
soon as I hear something, I'll post it.

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