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Response From Health Canada

I received a response from Health Canada's PMRA this afternoon. As for the warnings I'm wanting the exterminators to provide to
clients, I was told it was a provincial matter and I should contact MAPAQ. For a listing of provincial contacts concerning this matter,
go to

There is one way however that Health Canada can be involved. From the email:

"As for your message, we encourage people to report any incidents of this kind to the manufacturer
of the pest control product that has been applied (do you have any additional information regarding the product: name or

registration number?). We also gather this type of information under our Pesticide Incident Reporting Program (see below for further
information). "

If anyone reading this in Canada has had any incidents whatsoever regarding pesticides, that link describes what can be done by
reporting them. The following is from their site:

Incidents are classified into six major categories:

* effects on humans;

* effects on domestic animals;

* effects on the environment (i.e.: plants and wildlife);

* residues in food;

* packaging failure; and

* effects identified in scientific studies.

The more people use their voices, the better the chance we can make everything safer. Next up, emailing MAPAQ. Their site is only in
French so it might take a couple of days since I'll have to sift through it looking for the right email addy. I'll keep everyone

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