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So Many Phone Calls

Wednesday afternoon, I was told by the condo corporation that it was Nature in Gatineau that removed the bees nest, however I later
found out that it was Regionex. I called Nature Wednesday afternoon and the woman I was talking to really took the cake. She was going
to call me back after talking to her husband (who is the exterminator) to find out what the substance was that they used and if it was
safe for cats, which was fine.

In the meantime, I had called Markie's vet and asked if boric acid would kill a cat. When the woman called me to confirm that boric
acid is what they use, she also said "It is safe for pets". I then informed her about my vet's office telling me that it
can kill them. The woman had the nerve to say, "Well… My husband went to college for this kind of thing, he would know."
What the hell??? My response, "Well my vet would know more!" Unbelievable. Hmmm who will I believe? Someone who tries to save
life, or someone who tries to get rid of it? Tough choice, NOT.

When I got home Wednesday night, I had a message from my condo corporation. It was Annie telling me that she spoke with Regionex (the
extermination company that killed the bees nest in my balcony ceiling) and they had told her that the substance was safe for pets. After
hearing from my vet, researching on the net about boric acid since it's a common white powder used to kill bees, my findings tell me

Someone called me from the condo board since there was confusion as to who ordered the exterminator to begin with. The woman called to
find out what happened since she hadn't been left much information on her voicemail from the condo corp. She apologized for what
happened and told me that she also has cats and was very sorry for my loss. After that, she said "I don't know what else to
say". Since I was upset, I could only reply, "OK… thank you, bye."

I had called the Humane Society in Ottawa, then they told me to call their Investigations Unit, and then they told me to contact the
S.P.C.A. in Gatineau. After explaining everything to a woman at the S.P.C.A., I found out that there is nothing they can do but she gave
me a phone number for M.A.P.A.Q. which is a Quebec government department that looks after agriculture, fisheries and food (loosely

Currently I'm waiting to hear back from Regionex to get a definite answer on what the white powdery substance was that they used. I
will call M.A.P.A.Q. after that and have also found a number for Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency.

I'll keep everyone posted, however crazy this ride gets.

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